Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence:

Kampano’s consultants help you with your BI needs. By taking a deep look into your Business Processes and your information needs we develop a fitting solutions for your company.

Microsoft BI stack

Kampano uses the programs and tools made by Microsoft to deliver a complete BI solution. Microsoft SQL server is a robust and safe database management system for storing your data, perform analysis and to make reports. All of this helps to give you a better insight in your companies data.

What is your information need?

It is important to determine what you need to get out of your data before we start making reports. this can be done by taking a good look at your business processes in information systems.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. A measure which tells you something about the state of your business processes. Some examples are: How many sales have been made? How much has been produced? How happy are my clients?

By using your data we can determine KPIs and with that, determine how your company is doing.


The defined KPIs are used on a dashboard where you can easily see the status of your kPIs. To read more about dashboards you can take a look at the Reports and Dashboards page.