Reports & Dashboards

By using Reports and Dashboards based on your companies data you can get a grip on your business processes. You can, for instance, gain an insight in the total sales of different sales offices and compare them in a Report or have a dashboard made where the sales info of all the sales offices are in a single view for easy comparison.

This can be enhance by clicking through the various objects on your dashboard. You could for instance zoom in on one of your sales offices by clicking on it to see additional data.

Kampano makes reports using Microsoft PowerBI or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. The reports can be made to your companies needs.


PowerBI is Microsofts newest reporting tool. With PowerBI you can quickly make a report and view different aspect of your company. On the PowerBI website and in the video below you can take a look at how this works.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS is the more traditional approach to making report. SSRS can be installed on your own servers en integrated with SharePoint. If you don’t have SharePoint your reports can be made available through a website.